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Conny Sir Pearl Advanced®


Cell Renewal and Lightening

Cellular Rejuvenation and Skin Lightening, for a younger and brighter looking skin.

With over 15 years of great results in Latin America, the secret to eternal youth comes to USA.

Expression lines and dark spots are the evidence of the aging process. Now with Pearl Advanced Cell Renewal Serum, there is a solution to delay this inevitable process.

Extracts of the root Genus Rumex, as its main ingredient, improves skin tone and is a natural inhibitor of Tyrosine, an enzyme found in the skin and is the responsible for excessive pigmentation in a not very pleasant areas such as the face. It helps to fade away scars and improves the appearance of your skin by reducing expression lines.

Ingredients: Rumex, Vitamin E, Retinoic Acid, Hydroquinone.

1 fl. Oz. / 30 ml.


– The constant use helps fade dark spots caused by the sun.

– In the case of Melasma (spot caused by hormonal imbalance) it helps to reduce it, but does not eliminate it entirely.

– Effective on scars, i.e.: acne and fine lines

How to Use:

– Apply every night before going to bed, for at least 30 nights in a row, to see results.

– After cleaning your face, apply with your fingertips in a circular motion, a thick layer to cover your face completely, without touching the eye area.

– Wait for the Pearl Advanced to absorb before bedtime, approximately 1 hour.

– The next morning remove it with warm water, clean your face and apply the Conny Sir 360┬« patting around your face. You can apply your makeup as usual.

– If you are going to the beach or you will be expose to the sun, do not apply the Advanced Pearl the night before.

Important Note:

– Do not apply during the day.

– Do not expose you to sunlight during the application of this product.

– You must use sunscreen Conny Sir 360 ┬« with protection 30.

– A mild and normal tighten sensation will be experienced in your face.

– It is normal to sensitive skin that will experience some redness.

– In case of irritation or excessive ardor, removed it immediately and discontinuous its use.

– If your skin is irritated or very sensitive, discontinuous use and wait for your skin returns to normal.


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